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Therapy Services

Explore our diverse range of therapy services, each designed to meet your unique mental health needs with empathy, expertise, and a commitment to lasting change.

Individual Therapy

In Individual Therapy, Dr. Fishburne offers a personalized therapeutic experience focused on empowering change:

  • Therapy Process: A carefully structured journey tailored to individual needs.
  • Assessment and Diagnosis: Crucial initial steps to understand each client’s unique situation.
  • First Session Overview: An opportunity to build rapport and outline therapeutic goals.
  • Subsequent Sessions: Progressively structured to facilitate active participation and meaningful change.
  • Active Participation: Encouraging clients to engage deeply for effective transformation.
  • Empowerment Goal: Aimed at enabling clients to achieve lasting self-growth and improvement.
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Happy family of three in the summer in the park in nature

Family Therapy

In our Family Therapy sessions, we focus on:

  • Explanation of Family Therapy Services: Providing a safe space for family members to express and address their concerns collectively.
  • Approach to Family Therapy: Utilizing therapeutic techniques to enhance communication, understanding, and empathy among family members.
  • Importance of Family Dynamics: Acknowledging and working with the unique dynamics of each family, recognizing how these relationships impact individual and collective well-being.

Through this process, families can expect to strengthen their bonds, resolve conflicts, and foster a more harmonious and supportive home environment.

Assessment and Diagnosis

Dr. Fishburne’s Assessment and Diagnosis service is a critical first step in your therapeutic journey. This process includes:

  • Detailed Assessment Process: A comprehensive evaluation to understand your specific psychological needs.
  • Psychological Disorders Assessed: A wide range of disorders are carefully assessed, ensuring a thorough understanding of each client’s mental health.
  • Importance of Accurate Diagnosis: Emphasizing the need for precision in diagnosis to create effective, personalized treatment plans.

This meticulous approach lays the foundation for targeted and successful therapy outcomes.